October 24, 2008

HC Newsletter - October 24, 2008

As the film continues to roll out to theaters across the country (see our website for details), I'm pleased to announce that the "Humboldt County" soundtrack is finally available for download from iTunes.

For those of you who have seen the film and experienced the extraordinary talents of our composer (iZLER) and music supervisor (Peymon Maskan, who helped us find all of the songs), this soundtrack is a bargain.

To have a listen or buy yourself or your loved ones a lifelong souvenir, open iTunes and search the store for "Humboldt County." Or just click here.

You're welcome,


October 3, 2008

HC Newsletter - October 3, 2008


Many thanks for all of your generous support over the past week. HUMBOLDT COUNTY's theatrical launch in its first nine markets was reasonably successful. Though it could have been better, it certainly could have been significantly worse. And the feedback we have been receiving from audience members in person and online has been overwhelmingly positive. The film will continue to play in most of the original cities (Austin, Berkeley, Portland, Santa Rosa, San Francisco and Humboldt) for at least another week, so please keep up the word-of-mouth.

Today, however, we have what could be our most important opening: New York City. (No disrespect to Eugene, OR, where we're also releasing.) We start our run at the Sunshine Cinema today, and the competition will be fierce, as there are 10 other new films also opening this weekend. However, based on our review in The New York Times, it's entirely possible that we could have a stellar weekend. So please remind your friends in The Big Apple to set aside 97 minutes for HUMBOLDT COUNTY in the next few days.

In other news, a few days ago HUMBOLDT COUNTY was awarded Best Narrative Feature at the Idaho International Film Festival. So that's nice.