January 2, 2006

HC Newsletter - January 2, 2006


Now that 2005 is in the past, and 2006 is fully upon us, it's time for another "Humboldt County" Update.

Though the entertainment industry was essentially shut down for the second half of December, we continued to move forward on several fronts. Highlights include:

1) Crew: We continue to meet candidates for our film crew and recently selected an outstanding Production Designer named Jodie Tillen. The Production Designer, for those of you who might not know, is the individual who creates the detailed look and feel of every location in which we will be shooting. Jodie has worked as a Costume and Production Designer in both film and television design for over thirty years (as can be seen in her credits here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0863293/), and her most recent project, "Brick," sold at the Sundance Film Festival last year for ten times its production cost. But just as impressive as her experience in the industry is her passion for this project -- she's almost more excited about this film than any of us are. We're thrilled to have her on board. We are manically interviewing for other key personnel, such as our editor, and will update you as progress is made.

2) Cast: We are planning to begin the casting process in earnest this week. We are considering fairly notable actors for several of the film's prominent roles, but we will also consider unknowns for the more minor characters. We're confident in the appeal of the script and the filmmaking team, but since our budget is relatively small, we may face some challenges in convincing agents to allow their clients to consider the project. Again, we will provide updates to you as we receive commitments.

3) Financing: We continue to make progress with our fund raising efforts and anticipate that January will be a strong month in this area. Because we are aiming to begin production this spring, we plan to (and must) have our financing in place relatively soon. There is still time, however, for others to participate financially in this film, so we encourage you to inform friends and colleagues of the opportunity.

As always, please don't hesitate to contact me with general or specific questions. We wish you the best in the first several weeks of this promising year.

Warm regards,