February 1, 2006

HC Newsletter - February 1, 2006


Welcome to the February edition of the "Humboldt County" newsletter. The last month has been another busy one for us. We've been making considerable progress on many fronts, including evolving the script, fleshing out our crew, and pursuing the balance of our financing.

Most of the remarkable events from the month occurred during our trip up to Humboldt County. Danny, Darren, and I made the 10-hour drive from Los Angeles to Eureka/Arcata and spent four days laying the groundwork for our production. We spent two full days with the woman who runs the Humboldt County Film Commission. During that time, she not only oriented us to the area, but also gave us an understanding of the benefits (financial, labor, etc.) of filming in the region. We also befriended a professional location manager and several of the professors and film students at Humboldt State University. The bulk of our trip, however, was dedicated to identifying locations for our shoot. We were very fortunate and found several viable options for our most prominent sets. Furthermore, we began to negotiate discounted rates with a number of hotels, caterers, and other service providers to ensure the production will be both inexpensive and comfortable. At the end of our trip, we spent a night with Darren's aunt and cousin -- two of the people who inspired the script -- in their remote cabin in the woods. For me, personally, it was a magnificent introduction to the Humboldt culture and the "off the grid" mindset.

Other news from January is that we have begun the casting process. We are currently focused on casting most of the significant roles. Early signs indicate this process may move more slowly than we wish given there are many gatekeepers (i.e., agents, managers) between us and the actors we would like to attach. Nevertheless, we are confident in our position and will keep you posted as we make headway.

Finally, it should be noted that we continue to meet with newly identified prospective investors. In fact, last month two of our existing investors hosted events where they introduced us to others who they believed might find the opportunity appealing. The lesson: Don't be selfish -- share us with your friends.

Until our next update, please do not hesitate to contact me and keep spreading the word about "Humboldt County."