February 15, 2007

HC Newsletter - February 15, 2007


It's official: the light at the end of the filmmaking tunnel is finally visible. A few weeks ago, after more than three months of editing, we locked picture on "Humboldt County," meaning we are no longer editing the visuals. Danny, Darren, and I are all very pleased with the results. That said, we still have plenty of work to do.

Now that we know the order and length of every scene, we can undertake the myriad of other processes required to complete the film. As I've mentioned before, our highest priority is music. We have spent the past several weeks interviewing many talented composers and music supervisors who are eager to help us with the score and songs. We are currently negotiating deal terms with our top candidates and plan to have them on board within the next week.

While we finish the film, we are also beginning the next phase of our endeavor: securing distribution. To that end, we are awaiting word from several high profile film festivals about their interest in premiering our film, as well as initiating discussions with a number of sales agents. We will, as always, notify you of any news on these fronts.

Warm regards from sunny Los Angeles,