March 31, 2007

HC Newsletter - March 31, 2007


Apologies for the lapse in communication, but there haven't been many notable milestones to share since the last "Humboldt County" newsletter. I don't mean to imply that we are not ecstatic about the film's progress, but we are in a phase of the filmmaking process where creativity is favored over speed.

The majority of our time over the past six weeks has been spent evaluating prospective crew for this critical stage. Though we had narrowed our composer options to just a few by mid-February, it took another month to select our guy. He is now diligently working toward writing and recording the music that will significantly elevate the story. We have also recently selected the individuals who will edit, design, and mix our sound, so the film's audio soon will be as impressive as the visuals. Additionally, we are currently working with other professionals to design our titles and create our optical effects -- which are comprised of scene transitions (like fades and dissolves) and other digital trickery that we hope you will never notice.

Our current schedule puts completion of these elements at early June. At that point, we will have a number of steps to port the digital version of the movie back to 35mm film, but the creative aspects of the process will be behind us.

Many thanks for your continued support,