June 5, 2008

HC Newsletter - June 5, 2008


Apologies for the radio silence for the past, wow, nearly eight weeks. Rest assured, however, that we have been cooking up something special for you...

We are pleased -- no, make that ecstatic -- to officially announce that MAGNOLIA PICTURES has picked up HUMBOLDT COUNTY for distribution in the U.S.

What does this mean? It means that any of you who have not yet seen the film (and those of you who want to see it again) will soon have the chance to do so. Possibly on a Big Screen near you. And if not, then on Video On Demand, DVD, your favorite cable station, iTunes, an airplane, cruise ship, etc.

The current plan is to release the film in theaters in five cities late this summer, likely in September. Those cities will be:
- Austin
- Chicago
- Portland
- San Francisco
- Seattle

We will roll out to at least five additional cities in the following weeks. At the same time the film is playing in theaters, it will also be available on Video On Demand for those of you who may not live where the film will be playing theatrically. Several months thereafter, the film will be released on DVD and other mediums for your rental or purchase. Obviously as the details are finalized, they will be made widely public.

Magnolia is a brilliant and highly respected company, and we are thrilled to be in business with them. The marketing campaign we are collective planning with them is going to be heavily grassroots. So, though the film's public debut is still a few months away, we are soon going to need your help (yes, that means YOU) to spread the word about the film's release, especially in those cities where it will be playing in theaters. We need the attendance during the first weekend in those five markets to be monstrous if we want it to play in as many cities across the county as we believe it should.

Keep your eye on our website and the Directors' Blog for updates.

We are grateful for your continued support.



Also, For those of you who live in Humboldt County itself, listen up: We are hoping to screen the film at the WildRivers 101 Film Festival in August. We appreciate how eager you all are to see the film, but please be patient just a tad longer, so we can nail down the specifics. Stay tuned.