September 14, 2007

HC Newsletter - September 14, 2007


After a wildly successful run on the festival circuit -- including Best Feature awards at LA and U.S. Comedy Arts -- the romantic comedy "Ira & Abby" was released theatrically today (Friday) in New York and LA. The film stars two of our lead actors from "Humboldt County," Chris Messina and Frances Conroy, and it is getting a good deal of positive press.

"Ira & Abby" marks Jennifer Westfeldt's return as a screenwriter and star following 2002's "Kissing Jessica Stein". She plays Abby, a free spirit who works in a gym and is better at solving her friends’ problems than selling memberships. Chris plays Ira, a brilliant neurotic who has so many issues that 12 years of analysis have only scratched the surface. The film is about their unusual relationship, and offers a sly and subversive take on marriage. It also boasts an all-star ensemble cast, including our very own Frances Conroy, as well as Judith Light, Robert Klein, Fred Willard, and Jason Alexander. In the coming weeks, "Ira & Abby" will also hit theaters in cities such as San Francisco, Denver, Dallas, Miami, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Chicago. We encourage you all to see it. More information about the film and its release dates across the country can be found here:

As for "Humboldt County," we continue our forward progress. Last month, at the suggestion of our editor, Danny, Darren and I returned to the editing room to revisit what we had been calling our "final" cut. After several consecutive Sundays of tinkering, we now have an new version of the film that has improved pacing and increased tension, while being 4-5 minutes shorter. We should be making a decision on a sales agent in the next month or so, and we are simultaneously developing the film's marketing image with a designer who helped create the iconic posters for dozens of memorable films, including "A Few Good Men", "The Untouchables", "American Beauty," and "Sideways". We will, of course, keep you all appraised of any news.