March 14, 2008

HC Newsletter - March 14, 2008


The SXSW Film Festival has nearly come to a close, and everyone from the "Humboldt County" team who was involved considers our experience to have been nothing short of spectacular.

As I mentioned in the last update, the premiere was incredible. We figured that night would be the highlight of the festival for us. But there were other moments that turned out to be even more memorable.

The word-of-mouth around Austin about the film was so strong that for our second screening, we had hundreds more people waiting in line than could fit into the theater. So, rather than turn away a multitude of eager film-goers, the festival decided -- at the urging of our resourceful sales rep -- to take-over an adjacent theater and show the film on two screens simultaneously. We proceeded to sell out the second theater as well and had to turn away scores of others still in line.

For our third screening, which was in the middle of the day after most of the festival attendees had left town or had their fill of movies, we tempered our expectations. But again we sold out our assigned theater and had to project in a second one to accommodate the crowd. (And many were still turned away.)

If all of that wasn't enough reward for the last 4-5 years of work, the response from the audiences and the critics who have written about the film thus far has been overwhelming. While we try not to pay too much attention to reviews, it is gratifying to know that your efforts to make a compelling film are appreciated, even by those who are inclined to be a bit jaded. Though we are awaiting more, I will include a sampling of the press we received (thanks in large part to our amazing publicity team) below, in case you are interested.

For our next trick, we will try to secure a distributor for the film, so those of you who couldn't make it to Austin, or were unable to attend a screening, can see it in the comfort of your local theater or home.



NB: As always, you can find a more colorful play-by-play of our experiences at the Directors' Blog.


  • "...a pitch perfect directing debut"
    The Austin Chronicle

  • "Good things ahead, no doubt, for both the film and its creators."

  • "Humboldt County is just the type of small film that, if given a chance to be seen by audiences, could become somewhat of a hit for grownups ala Sideways or The Squid and the Whale."

  • "...a singularly enjoyable coming-of-age story"

  • "...the film is genial and pleasant"

  • "'s nice to see a film were you can actually see a character grow and change throughout a movie."


March 12, 2008

HC Newsletter - March 12, 2008

A brief update on our momentum at SXSW: last night's screening (the second of the fest) was oversold by hundreds of people, so -- after some finagling by our resourceful sales rep -- we convinced the director of the festival and the manager of the theater to show HUMBOLDT COUNTY on a second screen simultaneously. This allowed another couple hundred people to see the film, and we still had to turn away many eager audience members.

The buzz is significant and the reviews are strong (more on that in the next few days). Now the sales process begins...



March 8, 2008

HC Newsletter - March 8, 2008


It is hard to summarize the past 24 hours. It has been a whirlwind of emotion for all of us in Austin. Our sales and publicity reps did a fantastic job getting many prospective buyers (distributors) and film critics in to the premiere, and they -- with many family, friends, and film loving strangers -- seemed to have an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the film. We feel bad for the people who weren't able to get into the screening,

We likely won't have any definitive news on the sales side for several weeks or possibly longer, but the reviews are starting to trickle in. Here is another one. Also, IFC News did an interview with Darren & Danny that will air tonight (Saturday) and for the next five days at 8:15pm EST, 5:15pm PST on IFC TV.

Lot of other details to share, but those are the important ones for the moment.



March 7, 2008

HC Newsletter - March 7, 2008

As most of you know, tonight is the long-anticipated public premiere of "Humboldt County." Danny, Darren and I are in Austin for the screening -- along with many others who played key roles -- and the excitement and anxiety are a tad overwhelming.

Those of you who have been with us most of the way can attest that this film require countless man (and woman) years of effort from literally hundreds of people, but we are proud of the result and hope that everyone who helped will be, too.

Yesterday, we received our first printed review of the film. It appeared in the Austin Chronicle, which is the town's culturally-oriented weekly paper. Let's hope it is an indication of many reviews to come.

More to come over the next few days. In the meantime, if you have a burning desire to track Danny & Darren's every move, keep an eye on their blog.



March 4, 2008

Hollywood Reporter HUMBOLDT Article

Thanks to our world-class publicity team, the coverage begins...

Today, there was a spectacular (and LONG) article on the film and Darren & Danny in the Hollywood reporter. Check it out here.