July 15, 2008

HC Newsletter - July 15, 2008

As the release date for HUMBOLDT COUNTY approaches, the excitement and intensity is mounting. Take, for example, last week, when Danny & Darren sat on a panel with Peter Bogdanovich and Mark Cuban for the Television Critics Association annual event. It was a treat for us to reconnect with Mr. Bogdanovich, and hearing Mark Cuban (who owns -- among many other entities -- Magnolia Pictures) repeatedly extol the virtues of our film to dozens of reporters was spectacular. And a bit surreal. Details and pictures can be found on the Directors' Blog.

For the last several weeks, we have been preparing the marketing campaign for the film's public debut. We shot a promotional video (which ended up being a short film) that included cameos from several of our more recognizable cast members. We also began the process of recutting our trailer and redesigning our poster, both of which are necessary if we want an MPAA rating. In addition, we are converting the film to video, compiling our DVD extras, and finalizing innumerable other details, including a roadshow of pre-release screenings around the country to increase awareness of the film.

Now for the news for which many of you have been waiting: it appears that the theatrical release date for HUMBOLDT COUNTY will be Friday, September 26th, 2008. Mark your calendars, tell your friends, and save up your allowance because we expect to see all of you there.More to come as that date inches towards us.




Amber said...

Caught your film on Comcast On Demand of all places, and cant stop talking about it with my fiance and everyone I know! Promoting it everywhere we can, and we will be making sure to catch it on opening night too. Please let us know when it will be available on DVD, has to be part of permanent collection.

It is an amazing and pensive work of art..thank you.

Jason Weiss said...

Hey, Amber. Thanks for the lovely review.

The DVD will be available sometime in January 2009 at www.humboldtcountymovie.com as well as many other fine locations.