August 8, 2008

HC Newsletter - August 8, 2008


It has been a busy and exciting few weeks for the "Humboldt County" team, as the film's public launch is imminent. The current release schedule is as follows:
  • Friday, September 26: AUSTIN, BERKELEY, PORTLAND, SAN FRANCISCO, SEATTLE, and of course HUMBOLDT (Eureka, Arcata and Garberville)

    [The date(s) and locations will be determined over the next month or two and are dependent on how well the film plays in its first week. And apologies, Chicagoans, for previously misleading you about the timing.]
For those of you who might not live in one of our release markets or who would rather see the film in the comfort of your own screening room (and/or not have to spring for a babysitter), the film will also be available on Video On Demand (on most every cable and dish network) starting Monday, September 1st.

In anticipation of these impending dates, we have been scrambling to finalize a number of associated elements, including:

- Our Release Poster: The Motion Picture Association of America, the governing body that assigns ratings to films (as expected, ours got an "R"), also closely monitors movie websites, trailers, posters, and other marketing areas. They took issue with the image of our protagonist standing on an oversized, lit "marijuana cigarette" -- even ablaze tobacco cigarettes go against their regulations -- so we had to make some delicate adjustments, which include a new tagline.

- Our Official Trailer: The MPAA rejected our trailer for, among other offenses, instances of explicit drug use. We had to create a new trailer, which was harder than we thought, as it is challenging to convey the tone and themes of a film when you are forbidden from showing or discussing the profession/lifestyle of several of the principal characters (i.e., pot farming). In the end, we are pleased with the new trailer and hope you will agree next week when it is released on our website.

- Our New Website: Not surprisingly, the MPAA did not approve of our website either. We are updating it, but that may take several weeks. The new one will have much of the same design as our existing one, but it will be faster and much, much sweeter.

- Video Promotions: We shot and edited a promotional short film, which will soon be distributed on the internet as well as the Video On Demand networks, and should serve to increase awareness of the film.

We are also working to produce a soundtrack for the film, as well as any other merchandise that might be in demand (t-shirts, anyone?).

In addition, Danny & Darren will be taking their Dog & Pony show on the road. During the two weeks prior to the theatrical release, we are planning a "Barnstorming Tour" involving publicity events, screenings of the film, and other grass roots marketing efforts* in each of the markets where "Humboldt County" will open. We are also holding our premier in Humboldt County itself on Wednesday, August 27th at the WildRivers 101 Film Festival.

More news to come in the next several weeks, including a detailed itinerary of the Barnstorming Tour.



*No matter where you live, if you are interested in volunteering to help us with the film's campaign in your areas, please email us at and we'll make you an official part of the team.

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