August 26, 2008

HC Newsletter - August 26, 2008


Mark your calendars and spread the news: one month from today, "Humboldt County" finally will open in theaters.To help increase awareness, we have been hard at work creating a wealth of marketing materials:
  • The magnificent new "Humboldt County" Trailer is now available. In fact, it is so compelling the folks at Apple asked for exclusive rights to it for a week on the Apple Trailers site. Take a couple minutes to check it out. The team that worked on it was phenomenal, and the results are stunning.

  • We shot a Promotional Video for the film last month that features a number of our cast members. We are told it's entertaining, but you should judge for yourself.

  • The "Humboldt County" Website has been updated. It is now faster and more scalable. Over the next few weeks the amount of content will grow notably, as articles, reviews, and maybe a Sudoku puzzle or two are posted there.

It cannot be stressed enough how critical your help will be in raising awareness of this motion picture. Many of you have been supporting us for over two years now, and this film's success is -- for better or worse -- almost entirely dependent upon the number of tickets sold during the first weekend in theaters.

So please forward the trailer, promotional video and website to anyone you think might be interested. And for those of you in one of the cities where the film will open in theaters (September 26th in Arcata, Austin, Berkeley, Eugene, Eureka, Garberville, Portland, San Francisco Seattle; early-mid October in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and possibly others), go ahead and treat yourself to a ticket. Or five.




jmobley said...

This looks like a great movie and as a movie geek, I can't wait to see it. Tell me, what is the song with the girl singing?

Jason Weiss said...

Thanks for the kind words, jmobley.

The last song in the trailer is called "Happy Alone" by a band called Earlimart.

It is featured in the film and will also be available on our soundtrack, which should hit iTunes, Amazon, etc. in the next 4-6 weeks.

Kaitlyn said...

Just watched the movie On Demand and thought it was great. Loved the music too. I'll make sure the people in my life see it :)

tee said...

As a native of Humboldt County, I am saddened that we are being exploited by Hollywood.